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/CodaOctopus® F170 and CodaOctopus® F175

CodaOctopus® F170 and CodaOctopus® F175 systems are compact, simple to install and produce accurate position and motion data for the marine industry.

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The F180® range is a series of precision sensors for accurate determination of a vessel’s heading, position and attitude.

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: Hardware

/CodaOctopus® F175
/CodaOctopus® F175-T1 /CodaOctopus® F175-T2

Download CodaOctopus® F175 software and firmware.


Download F180® software, firmware and documentation.


Download F180R® software, firmware and documentation.

/F180® Pre-Cal

Download F180® PreCal software, firmware, Config Files and documentation.

: Associated Software

/CodaOctopus® INSight

Download CodaOctopus® INSight software and documentation.